About us

Who we are
We are a team of professionals from multiple disciplines, who are driven by the singular mission of empowering the Next Generation of Leaders, Thinkers and Doers.
Digital Hands Africa is a company limited by guarantee registered in Kenya NO:CLG/2016/030134.
What we do
Our mission is to better prepare the next generation to tackle to challenges of the world they will inherit.
We deliver learning and development programme focused on Information Communication and Technology (ICT) skills for digital jobs,entrepreneurship for social impact,leadership and personal development.
Most importantly, we encourage and empower our learners to think outside of the box, to challenge accepted paradigms and to question everything.
Why we do it
The simple answer is: Because it needs to be done. There are challenges and issues that the current educational system is woefully inadequate in preparing our young people for.
It is in this gap between what they are being “taught” and what they need to know that we stand.
How we do it
Digital Hands Africa offers several programs and initiatives to advance our aims. We hold workshops, webinars and community-based events that are made available for low or no cost to our target audience.
We also provide a robust online curriculum that supports program participants from concept to launch and beyond.

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