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Change Agents: Enriching lives through social entrepreneurship

Volunteering in Social Entrepreneurship

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Many seek to lead while others naturally attract a following. We are well positioned to embrace and enhance our youth leadership development opportunities, including our leadership vision. Nowhere is a vision more applicable to leadership than in social entrepreneurship, marked by individuals who recognize a social problem and use entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a social venture to achieve a desired social change.

Volunteering is a way for the youth to acquire knowledge, they may exercise their skills and extend their social networks and may benefit from better employment opportunities and personal and social development.


  • To promote volunteering as a way of providing informal and non-formal learning opportunities, as a crucial instrument in the process of continuing education;
  • To pay community and youth workers attention to work with youth unemployment problems;
  • To look at the potentials of youth work and the Youth in Action Programme as a way to increase young people‚Äôs chances of employability;
  • To share experiences, challenges and good practices among participants.
  • To draw a connection between Youth in Action Projects and professional development by highlighting skills and competences which are considered necessary in the job finding process.
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