Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

 Digital Jobs

This programme is targeted at providing high potential but disadvantaged young people with IT and soft skills training relevant for digital jobs and connecting them to relevant job opportunities.

The overall objective is helping disadvantaged and (minimally skilled) unskilled young men and women, move from unemployment into employment through relevant skills development training.

As young people set out to find employment or create self-employment they need skills that will help them to transition from the world of education into the world of work. This programme provides training that will help young people develop work skills, people skills, money skills and entrepreneurial skills.


• Introduction to ICT
• Understanding of the IT industry
• Call Centre Technology, Terminology, Structure
• E-Publishing
• Communication skills
• Customer relations
• Time management
• Self -Management
• Global and intercultural working

Participants are provided an opportunity for face-to-face training, guided on-the-job training, facilitated peer-to-peer learning and some professional mentoring in a state of the art training facility.

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