Social Impact Course

1-WeekBoot Camp

Building successful impact ventures

The one-week programme combines cutting-edge theory and practice integrated with the deep academic knowledge of a faculty and insights from expert practitioners. It focuses on the business skills and frameworks that will help entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and investors grow their ventures to scale and maximise their impact. The discussion of case studies, many of which have been developed by our faculty, provides a platform to analyse the uniquely complex issues and challenges impact business leaders face.


• Understand your impact. Examine the role that impact venture leaders seek to play in their business and society and the key challenges that they face
• Develop your leadership and management skills. Build your leadership, organizational and negotiation skills to manage a growing social enterprise or impact venture
• Strengthen your tool kit. Apply business tools to empower communities and leverage markets to achieve sustainability and social impact
• Join a dynamic global network of leaders pioneering social innovation, impact and best practices.

Following the boot camp, participants are then challenged to take their ideas out into the real world.

Over a 6-week period they are matched with dedicated mentors to support them in testing, refining and building on their ideas.

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