young-african-bosesYoung African Bosses Academy

MissionConnecting budding & existing entrepreneurs to resources for venture management & growth

The purpose of Young African Bosses Academy program is providing resources to help youth become agents for change. Entrepreneurs at all levels require some form of support system. Young African Bosses Academy in collaboration with local Universities and community associations–work with youth interested in entrepreneurship. The goal is to provide youth with collaborative resources and empower them to become agents for change in their community.

Four organizations are working together to provide youth with resources to become agents of change. The team functions as a puzzle (four pieces) where each piece of the puzzle plays a role in youth entrepreneurship. The four pieces of the puzzle develop a MELD (mentoring, entrepreneurship education, legal advice and development) for their respective communities.

The mission of Y.A.B.A, is empowering youth to become competitive in a global economy through entrepreneurial skill building. Y.A.B.A focuses on three program areas, entrepreneurship, digital skills and leadership. Youth develop competencies in these areas to become agents of change in their respective communities and the economy. Equally as important, the organization focuses on building a network of youth who pursue entrepreneurship as a career option, employ the concepts of entrepreneurship to remain competitive in the workforce, and utilize entrepreneurship as a vehicle for change within their respective communities.

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